Devices overviewΒΆ

Basic concepts are described at the general device communication page.

Currently supported devices:

  • Cameras

    • Andor SDK2 and Andor SDK3: variety of Andor (currently part of Oxford Instruments) cameras. Tested with Andor iXon, Luca, and Zyla.
    • DCAM: Hamamatsu cameras. Tested with Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 and ImagEM.
    • NI IMAQ: National Instruments frame grabbers. Tested with NI PCI-1430 and PCI-1433 frame grabbers together with PhotonFocus MV-D1024E camera.
    • NI IMAQdx: National Instruments universal camera interface. Tested with Ethernet-connected PhotonFocus HD1-D1312 camera.
    • Photon Focus: Photon Focus pfcam interface. Tested with PhotonFocus MV-D1024E camera connected through either NI frame grabbers (PCI-1430 and PCI-1433) or Silicon Software frame grabbers (microEnable IV AD4-CL).
    • PCO SC2: PCO cameras. Tested with pco.edge cameras with CLHS and regular CameraLink interfaces.
    • Picam: Princeton Instruments cameras. Tested with a PIXIS 400 camera.
    • Silicon Software: Silicon Software frame grabbers. Tested with microEnable IV AD4-CL frame grabbers together with PhotonFocus MV-D1024E camera.
    • Thorlabs Scientific Cameras: Thorlabs sCMOS cameras. Tested with Thorlabs Kiralux camera.
    • Uc480/uEye: multiple cameras, including simple Thorlabs and IDS cameras. Tested with IDS SC2592R12M and Thorlabs DCC1545M.
  • Stages

    • Attocube ANC300 and Attocube ANC350: most common Attocube positioner controllers. Tested with Ethernet and USB connection for ANC300, and USB connection for ANC350.
    • Thorlabs APT/Kinesis: basic Thorlabs motorized stages and optomechanics devices. Tested with KDC101, K10CR1, and BSC201 motor controllers, KIM101 piezo motor controller, as well as MFF101 and FW102 (described at a different page)
    • Newport Picomotor: precision piezo-actuated screws based on slip-stick principle. Tested with Newport 8742 Picomotor driver using Ethernet or USB connection.
    • Arcus Performax: fairly common single- and multi-axis motor controllers sold under different brands: Arcus, Nippon Pulse America, or Newmark Systems. Tested with PMX-4EX device with USB connection.
    • Trinamic: universal motor controllers and drivers. Tested with a single-axis TMCM-1110 controller with USB connection.
    • SmarAct: high-performance piezo sliders. So far only simple open-loop SCU controllers are supported. Tested with a standard HCU controller unit.
  • Basic sensors

  • Lasers

  • Tektronix oscilloscopes. Tested with TDS2002B, TDS2004B, and DPO2004B.

  • NI DAQs. Tested with NI USB-6008, NI USB-6343, and NI PCIe-6323.

  • Generic AWGs. Tested with Agilent 33500 and 33220A, Rigol DG1022, Tektronix AFG1022, GW Instek AFG2225 and AFG2115, and RS Comp AFG21005.

  • Miscellaneous Thorlabs devices: MFF101/102 motorized flip mirror mount, FW102/212 motorized filter wheel, and MDT693/694 high-voltage source.

  • Miscellaneous OZOptics devices: EPC04 fiber polarization controller, DD100 motorized fiber attenuator, and TF100 motorized fiber filter.

  • Miscellaneous devices