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Leybold pressure gauges

Leybold manufactures a range of pressure gauges and controllers with several different standards and communication protocols. The code has been tested with Leybold ITR90 pressure gauge using its built-in RS232 connection.

The main device classes are pylablib.devices.Leybold.ITR90.

Software requirements

The devices provide a bare RS232 interface, so any appropriate USB-to-RS232 adapter should work.


Since the devices are identified as COM ports, they use the standard connection method, and all you need to know is their COM-port address (e.g., COM5):

>> from pylablib.devices import Leybold
>> gauge = Leybold.ITR90("COM5")
>> gauge.close()



The operation of this gauge is fairly straightforward, but there is a couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Device operates by constantly streaming its status updates. To get the most recent and most consistent data, you can use ITR90.get_update(). This is also how you access the gauge status and error states.
  • By default, the pressure is always returned in Pa regardless of the display units. This behavior can be overridden by setting display_units=True in ITR90.get_pressure().