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Kurt J. Lesker pressure gauges

KJL manufactures a range of pressure gauges and controllers with several different standards and communication protocols. The code has been tested with KJL300 pressure gauge using its built-in RS232 connection.

The main device classes are pylablib.devices.KJL.KJL300.

Software requirements

The devices provide a bare RS232 interface, so any appropriate USB-to-RS232 adapter should work.


Since the devices are identified as COM ports, they use the standard connection method, and all you need to know is their COM-port address (e.g., COM5):

>> from pylablib.devices import KJL
>> gauge = KJL.KJL300("COM5")
>> gauge.close()



The operation of this gauge is fairly straightforward, but there is a couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Even standard RS232 operation requires specifying the device RS485 address. IT can be specified using addr parameter on creation. By default, the class assumes the factory default of 1, but if it is ever changed on the device, it needs to be specified correctly.
  • By default, the pressure is always returned and set in Pa regardless of the display units.