Source code for pylablib.core.fileio.datafile

from ..utils import files as file_utils

import os
import datetime

[docs]class DataFile: """ Describes a single datafile. Args: data: the main content of the file (usually a numpy array, a pandas DataFrame or a :class:`.Dictionary`). filepath (str): absolute path from which the file was read filetype (str): a source type (e.g., ``"csv"`` or ``"bin"``) creation_time (datetime.datetime): File creation time props (dict): all the metainfo about the file (extracted from comments, filename etc.) comments (list): all the comments excluding the ones containing props """ def __init__(self, data, filepath=None, filetype=None, creation_time=None, comments=None, props=None): if filepath is not None: self.filepath=os.path.abspath(filepath) self.filename=os.path.basename(filepath) else: self.filepath=None self.filename=None self.filetype=filetype if creation_time is None: if filepath is not None: creation_time=file_utils.get_file_modification_time(filepath,timestamp=False) else: self.creation_time=creation_time self.comments=comments or [] self.props=props or {} def __getitem__(self, name): return self.props[name] def __setitem__(self, name, value): self.props[name]=value
[docs] def get(self, name, default=None): """Get a property from the dictionary. Use default value if it's not found""" return self.props.get(name,default)